British U23 Open 2018

Sunday, Finals Day

Women’s Final

Lucy Turmel 3-1 Alison Thomson . 11/9, 8/11, 11/9, 11/9

Men’s Final

Patrick Rooney 3-0 Nick Wall 3-0. 11/4, 14/12, 11/5

Men’s Finals 
A truly entertaining final for the large crowd and a game that showed both players have a big and bright future in the game if they want it. The 3 years in age difference (Rooney (20) and Wall (17) was an advantage to Patrick on this occasion as his strength and experience showed.

The first game Nick took his time to get to grips with the pace of Patricks play and from 3/3 Patrick controlled the rallies making Nick work hard to get to every shot and soon lead 7-3 before closing the first game 11/4.

The second was a closer contest as Nick started going for more attacking winners which were starting to come off and Patrick making errors. From 9/6 down Nick battled back to 10/10 and missed a chance to take the game at 11/12 but Patrick remained calm and countered to take the 2nd 14/12.

The third game Patrick was focused and some wonderful rallies saw the score at 2/2 but Patricks good length and excellent retrieving was just too much for Nick as Patrick won the game and match 11/5.

The finalists appropriately thanked those involved in the event at the Roehampton Club.

Ladies Finals
A repeat of the 2017 3/4th play-off match where Lucy won 3-0.   This years match was a lot closer.
Lucy took the first game 11/9 with both players hitting and moving well. And although a spirited fight back from Ali who looked the more attacking player Lucy won the first 11/9.

The second again proved a close and an entertaining battle for the watching crowd as Ali lead 5/2 taking the ball in short really well. Lucy never gave up and soon turned the game around to 6/5 but Alison was now hitting a good width and levelled the match at 1-1.
The Third game Alison raced into a 4/0 lead and 7/2 but again Lucy dug deep and never gave Alison a moments rest and her retrieving proved a turning point as at 9/9 Lucy went on to win the game 11/9 and take a 2-1 lead.

Lucy’s confidence from winning the 3rd game showed as her length in the 4th game improved allowing her to use the drop shot to good effect but after leading 7/3 two I forced errors let Ali back in the match. A tough rally at 8/7 saw Lucy open up her lead once more to 10/7 and Alison continued to fight for every point but Lucy won the game 11/9 to win the title.

3rd 4th Play-off
Jasmine Hutton bt Alicia Mead 3-0. 11/1,11/5, 11/5.
Jas started the match with pace and power, racing into a 8/0 lead and never let up taking the first 11/1.

The second saw Alicia get into the match more using her speed around the court but Jas remained in control with very few unforced errors and took the game 11/5.

The third started well for both players as they looked to try and take control of the game, 1/1, 2/2, 3/3 but from this point Jas stamped her authority back on the match hitting some Lovely winners to take the game and match 11/5.

Down to the Finals at Roehampton

Paul Lindsay reports

Men’s Semi Finals

Patrick Rooney 3-0 Elliott Devred Morris 11/5, 11/7, 11/3.

Perhaps the Quarter final win earlier in the day had taken a lot out of Elliott’s legs, who tried his best.

Some amazing rallies in the first 2 games and world class retrieving by both but Patrick was just too quick, too accurate and too good on the day.

Nick Wall 3-1 Tom Walsh  11/7, 8/11, 11/8, 11/4.
Both started a little slow but it was Nick who found more joy in hitting consistent length to turn a 3-6 deficit around and take a 10-6 lead before winning the game 11/7.

The second game was played at a high pace as each player looked to move the other, neither really found a rhythm to allow the game to flow freely,  whilst encouraged to clear the ball and play squash.  It was Tom who seemed to be playing a more attacking game and built a lead of 7/4 before holding on to win 11/8 and level at 1 game all.

The third game was a mix of world class squash and basic errors and at 6/1 down Tom’s lack of length was costing him. A few errors from Nick gave Tom some momentum to fight back to 8/9 before Nick rallied and closed the game 11/8 to lead 2-1.

The 4th game was played mainly in the middle of the court and it was Tom who suffered as he seemed to run out of ideas as Nick kept the pressure on. Nick remained focus and began to move the ball into the front corners of the court with purpose and won the 4th game 11/4 and with it the match, advancing into the final.

Ladies Semi Finals

Ali Thomson 3-0 Alicia Mead  11/9, 11/5, 11/6.

Ali was made to work hard for a 3-0 win with there never more than 2 points between the players. Ali finals taking an important first game 11/9. Another tight start as players exchanged points to 3-3 but then Ali’s control around the middle of the court saw her open a lead to 6-3 and whilst Alicia battled away Ali won the 2nd 11/5. Ali started the 3rd game well leading 3-0 and 9-4 and again Alicia was working tirelessly but could not close the gap as Ali won the game and match 11/6.

Lucy Turmel 3-0 Jasmine Hutton 3-0. 11/9, 11/7, 11/4.

Closer than the 3-0 score line suggest. Both players hitting the ball well and moving superbly around court. Jasmine started well to lead 6-2 as Lucy took her time to find her width but a spirited fightback saw the first game at 6/6 then 7/7 before Jas lead 9/7 only to see Lucy take the first game 11/9. Jas again got off to a quick start, 3/0, hitting lovely winning drops but Lucy remained patience to draw level at 7/7 before then taking 4 points in a row to win the 2nd 11/7, with Jas making a few more errors. Jas once more started well taking a 2-0 lead but Lucy kept the pressure on rally after rally to get into the lead at 5/4 and Jas confidence and patience disappeared as Lucy won the game and match 11/4.

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